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Currently the organisation is being self-funded by the Founder, Juliet Bvekwa who is employed as a Humanitarian Worker. Proceeds from her salary are used to finance projects and operations at Shekinah Glory Organization and Shekinah Glory Children’s Home and Skills Training Centre. We also finance some of our activities from the small proceeds from our incoming generating initiatives and sometimes we also get donations from friends and well-wishers. The local Faith based churches, Zvishavane community have been supporting shekinah by donating used clothes and groceries.


Shekinah is currently looking for partnerships and Donors to fund the growth of its projects and funds for management of the Shekinah Children’s Home including expansion of income generating initiatives.

Juliet Bvekwa



Donations can be made directly to Shekinah Glory Organisation Account by Bank Transfer

Organisation Name – Shekinah
Glory Organisation Bank Name – Banc ABC
Swift Code – FMBZZWHX
Account Number – 17989116633189
Recepient Name – Regina Mafadza
ID Number. 67-076485 X 22
Phone Number – +263716806693
Address 1684 Highlands Zvishavane, Zimbabwe.

Shekinah Children's Home

We love to help all the children that have problems in Zvishavane District. After 5 years we have many goals achieved.

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