Shekinah Glory

Providing care and protection to children in need of care.

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Children's Home

The first and only children’s home in Zvishavane District which provides a home to children identified by Social Welfare for temporary or long term foster care.

the girl child

This project was launched in April 2019 in a bid to assist vulnerable young girls with sanitary pads.


Shekinah Glory Organisation’s Sponsor a Child’s Education Project is providing schools fees support to children in various levels of education in rural and urban Zvishavane District.

Income initiatives

We have a number of small income generating initiatives that are ongoing at the Shekinah Children’s Home

Welcome to Shekinah Glory


Shekinah Glory Organization is a PVO registered under the Government of Zimbabwe as PVO 23/18 and operating in Zvishavane District in Zimbabwe. Shekinah Glory Organisation is implementing activities in both rural and urban Zvishavane. The Shekinah Glory Organisation has its Offices in Zvishavane Town at 1684 Highlands Zvishavane.

The Shekinah Glory Organisation also has a Children’s Home called Shekinah Glory Children’s Home and registered with the Government of Zimbabwe, Department of Social Development under Registration Number SW10/154. The Children’s Home is located 15km out of Zvishavane town along the Zvishavane Masvingo Highway.

Our Programmes


  • Children’s Home
  • Skills Training Centre
  • Ndine Hanya “I Care”
  • Sponsor a Child’s Education


  • Agriculture – Market Gardening of mainly vegetables
  • Livestocks Farming – rearing of goats, sheep and rabbits
  • Poultry Farming – chicken rearing and sale of eggs
  • Detergents – washing powder, liquid soap, toilet cleaners, laundry soap


This was launched with a two thronged purpose. On one end the project intends to empower the less privileged with tailoring skills.

Income Generating

We saw it fit that we also have these projects which will assist us in income generation and also promote self reliance

Skills Training

We provide skills training to women, to empower them and provide them with a skill to generate their own income upon completion of the skills training.


Excellence in Community Empowerment and Social Impact – Masvingo and Midlands Provinces 2021 Awards.

First Prize – Zvishavane District

Top Charitable Organisation – Masvingo and Midlands Provinces 2020

We love to help all the children that have problems in Zvishavane District. After 8 years we have many goals achieved.

Children taken in